About me


My name is Svenja and I'm the owner of ohdarling.shop.

I'm a #stationeryaddict and a #plannerlover.

Everything started 2019 when I joined the planning community on Instagram and started out as my my Instagram handle @petuniaspocket.

I have been a planner girl ever since middle school, initially because of my love for stationery and later as an "escape". When decoration my planner I feel creative, calm and peaceful. It feels easy, good, smooth and light and is exactly what I need to distract myself from everything.

For me, a planner is a lot more than the notebook for keeping track of my appointments or to do lists. It's my creative outlet. My personal space.


Sticking a sticker into my planner is my kind of therapy. My kind of "let go". When I'm opening my planner I feel full of joy and I never get bored to stick a little sticker here and there. That's why I created this shop. I want you to feel the same. I want you to feel joy when you open your planner and if a little sticker helps to do so, than creating these is my pleasure. 

Our products are made with love!


Certified with the PEFC

The paper we're using to package your order is certified with the PEFC.

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Equalizing C02 Emissions

We compensate the CO2 emissions generated during the manufacturing.

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Planting Trees

We regularly donate to "Plant for the Planet" to plant trees.

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Packaging fully recyclable

Our plastic bags are made of recycled PE foil and contain recycled film.

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